A year with The Thinking Men…

Sunday, 17 January

Well, this year has been eventful..!

Firstly, we’d like to thank YOU! All you who have come to our shows, cheered, screamed, stomped, danced, sung along and stopped us to chat and buy us drinks (and our merchandise!) We love you guys and you make this all worthwhile! Without you, our shows would not be the same and frankly a bore! You are amongst the most loveable, likeable, good -natured and discerning people out there, so thank you! x

It’s not all about playing live shows (our most favourite thing to do in the world!) – a lot has been going on in the background. So kick back, relax, grab a tipple and read on; you splendid Thinkers…

New stuff!

Our main goal has been to write a hoard of new material that best displays the band’s sound. We set to work; crafting new delights that we hope you will be blown away by and come to know and love as some of our best songs yet! You may have noticed we have not played Norwich for a while, well, fret not…

We have a wealth of new tracks that we are recording very soon and shall be playing for you at our headline show on March 26th at the Arts Centre, Norwich – make sure you get your tickets – they’ll disappear quickly! We are collaborating once again, with our favourite promoter Craig Fraser Hill to bring you a show that will blow your socks off! After all, when have we ever not!

Highlights of 2015…

The year started with a bang, where did we go? All over! Essex, Cambridgeshire, Ipswich, London and played with some great bands! Needs more – can you fill any in?)

The jewel in our crown for 2015 was our Summer festival season – it was hectic, frantic and full of fun!

It kicked off with Red Rooster Blues festival – organized by Rupert Orton (Jim Jones Revue). We kicked the festival off, met some incredibly nice people and played alongside amazing acts (C.W. Stoneking, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, Son of Dave, Sean and Zander and many more!)

Then it was off to Secret Garden Party – that was a doozy. Amongst the mud-flying magic carpets, the rain, people losing shoes, boots, clothes and their minds, we walloped a set out to a packed marquee of crazy cats who went crazy for TTM!

We then headlined the Arts Centre in Norwich which was packed to the rafters with you all, thank you for making that evening so special. We recorded a number of tracks that night via the magic of video and have been releasing those on our Facebook page over the past few months – we hope you’ve been enjoying them! Do comment, especially if you can see yourself in the crowd!

It was then off to VW Whitenoise where we wowed the crowds with some heavy foot-stomping! A lot of people came on by and raided our merch stand, propped up by our wonderful management team!

Reepham festival was next – a warm, homely sensation descended upon the sunny meadows of Reepham! The crowd was great, we were interviewed by the local paps – (always a pleasure!) and had a fantastic time with the crew who were amongst the nicest we’ve worked with! Thank you guys!

Homegrown festival was our last stop – and what a finale! Some great weather, free food (not something we turn down..ever..!) and another awesome crowd!

The autumn and winter…

As we said earlier, new tunes and sounds will be coming soon…be sure to stop on by, come see us play and share some time with us!

Keep thinking…