Ghosts of Men, The Thinking Men, Strike The Sun

17th February 2018
8:00 pm
The Swan Inn
Ghosts of Men, The Thinking Men, Strike The Sun

After a couple of truly riotous nights at The Swan over the last six months, Rock Two-Piece; Ghosts Of Men are back with their own special brand of dancey, heavy, sleazy rock mixed with a nice splash of idiocy. BUT this time, they bring more MEN* for you!
The Thinking Men. The last 4 years has seen them take their home city and the surrounding area by storm with their unique take on Old Time Pennsylvania Blues Rock n Roll. You won’t have seen or heard anything like it. Ever.

And if that’s not enough, more MEN* are likely to be added to the line-up.

Doors are FREE, noise starts at 9pm, drinking starts at whatever time your conscience allows.

*By men, we mean band title, and are not in any way being selective about the gender of the band members. In fact, if you are in or happen to know a band with men in the title that are all female, please get in touch!

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